B{asin of tears} 

Because of immaturity, I am in bed crying rather than sleeping. I lost one of the most special friends of my life; it has been 1 1/2 to¬† 2 years since we’ve last spoken and it pangs at my heart that we lost our friendship. I haven’t let go yet because I hope we’d rekindle; I am probably far from reality. It was my fault that I ceased all communications with you. It was also because I was too immature to handle the situation. I wish I could blast back to the past to change what I did because I have been missing your friendship nonstop. Time around this year really hurts me; I attempted to reach out to you around the time of my birthday and received a flat- out rejection. I hoped so badly that our friendship could pick up from where we last left off. We always did that. I always thought that our friendship had a remote button that we could hit pause or play at any time of day. Were you too fed up with it? I probably would have been too, if I were in your shoes.

Is it time that I finally let the hopes of our friendship burn to the grave?

You probably have no idea how regretful I feel, and how much I miss you.