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  • stripesandjazz 9:30 pm on 12/13/2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Blog blog blog blogggggggg 

    I am punching in keys to my blog but I am staring blankly at my 8-10 page lit paper. Oh man. oh man. whyyyy.

    I am not phased that it is due on Tuesday, and I have another similar paper due on Wednesday, and gazillion other things to do. What’s wrong with me? Maybe I’m in on over my head w/ this semester?? I feel so apathetic.

  • stripesandjazz 7:53 pm on 12/02/2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Dammit. I hate this semester. Hate. Hate. Hate it! 

    This semester is by far THE worst semester I’ve ever had. These literature classes are making me go absolutely CRAZY. I cannot handle them anymore. I am going to exhilarate pure enthusiasm when I finish the finals. Now I am utterly positive English literature is NOT my forte. I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought I had an inkling of fondness in this area. Wow. I have a ton of essays to write in the next week, a ton of books to finish in the next week, and a ton of cramming to do for my PoliSci class. Gooooodness!!

    American Lit- 1 2-3 pg paper, 1 presentation, 1 8-10 pg literary paper

    World Lit- 1 7-10 pg literary paper

    British Lit- 1 presentation, 1 8 pg research paper

    Books to finish: Hard Times, Master Harold… and the boys, Of Love and Other Demons, Stories of Eva Luna, A Personal Matter, Beloved, Giovanni’s Room, and Homebase. Basically, ALL of the books from the second half of the semester. WTF?????????? I did not realize that I was so behind.

    Ahh, I need to also review all of the poems and short stories that were covered in the AmLit class.

    I’m kind of freaking out. kind of. I am over and beyond have had enough of these classes. I am so miserable!!

    Two more weeks. 1 more class meeting per my English classes, and 2 more class meetings for my PoliSci class. Then Finals will destroy my GPA, yet they will set me free.

    I am doing absolutely everything to avoid writing my paper and reading my books. -_______-

    Yiruma, save me. Encourage me. Motivate me.

  • stripesandjazz 12:26 am on 11/11/2009 Permalink | Reply


    I’ve been thrilled all week long knowing that I will get to see Lee Seunggi perform LIVE THIS Saturday. I’ve been prancing around the house on the tips of my toes because I could not imagine anything better than to see my favorite Korean boytoy at the end of my week. I haven’t felt any more cheerful than I have in the past few days.

    I came home from my night class and logged into my facebook acct to find news that the concert is CANCELLED!!! My awesome LSG caught H1N1, and I’m in disbelief. Gawhd.

    On another note, no one can read your mind like how you want them to. I get frustrated when someone tries to complete my sentence but blurts out a different thought. Sorry, but you’re not me, so stop. I’ve been trying to stop doing that to other people as well. I try to sit back and let them think for themselves and express themselves however they want. I used to think it was radical to be able to finish someone else’s thoughts correctly. Now, I get flustered when someone cuts me off when s/he thinks s/he has the grandest power to finish my sentence. I’ve got the decency to reflect and s.t.o.p. now. Thankfully. I have more fun listening to the different ways people express themselves. It used to be a thrill for us to think the same. Ahh, a halt to conformity.

    When I’m upset, I wish I could feel better in a turn of a second after hearing the most amazing cheer. How often does that happen.

    Popular mainstream fashion stores like Forever21 should be raking in millions of dollars. If that’s the case, why are their dresses unbearingly short now? They should have enough $$$ to sew them at appropriate length, no?? I believe dresses are supposed to cover your bum as you’re seating yourself and while you’re seated. F21, why are you turning teenagers into hoes? Legwear is fashionable, but they are also suitable under mid-thigh length dresses, too. Girls, leave something to the imagination, keep your pride, and cover u.p.

    I’ve obviously been on a hunt for my super delicious dress of the year. I finally found one, but(!!!) the price tag comes in hand w/ its quality and design too. 😦

    The lace accents are delicate and seductive; they aren’t overpowering and call for attention all on its own. The tiered chiffon bottom adds a ton of fun splash. The different textures and designs from top to bottom are evenly balanced and it is wholly awesome.

    Oh where oh where can I find a mock version? The price is devastating!




  • stripesandjazz 1:06 am on 11/07/2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: immaturity   

    B{asin of tears} 

    Because of immaturity, I am in bed crying rather than sleeping. I lost one of the most special friends of my life; it has been 1 1/2 to  2 years since we’ve last spoken and it pangs at my heart that we lost our friendship. I haven’t let go yet because I hope we’d rekindle; I am probably far from reality. It was my fault that I ceased all communications with you. It was also because I was too immature to handle the situation. I wish I could blast back to the past to change what I did because I have been missing your friendship nonstop. Time around this year really hurts me; I attempted to reach out to you around the time of my birthday and received a flat- out rejection. I hoped so badly that our friendship could pick up from where we last left off. We always did that. I always thought that our friendship had a remote button that we could hit pause or play at any time of day. Were you too fed up with it? I probably would have been too, if I were in your shoes.

    Is it time that I finally let the hopes of our friendship burn to the grave?

    You probably have no idea how regretful I feel, and how much I miss you.

  • stripesandjazz 3:44 pm on 11/01/2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Judy Blume Donald Rahl   


    I am so sick. This weather is maddening; it is the first day of November and the temp skyrockets to 80+ degrees.

    I am going to pick up some Judy Blume and Ronald Dahl books I loved reading when I was younger. I’m thinking about writing children novels because they were always THE best to read. That’s the only other precious memory I have in elementary school; bullies made my childhood tasteless and depressing.

    Ah, I will always love the one and only Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It brings back the young and refreshing air I used to have.

    아픔 (Hurt) (Play Jang Eun Ah) – 러브홀릭스 (Loveholics)

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