I am no one. I’ve come to the realization that I’ve only talked myself up with wondrous words until now.

I’ve been feeling alive in the past few months. I’ve been able to finally feel the powers of emotions that send waves within me.  I have before, but now I feel like I’m growing up in a happy and positive life. I finally feel like my life is driving in the right direction. I am breaking free of my routine life that made me feel invisible to both myself and the world. I hope that my presence will have a positive impact among those I meet. I have a strong desire to be successful, help others, and be my raw self in the midst of it.

I am exhausted by trying to act like how society thinks I should rather than how I want.

I encourage you to BE YOURSELF. I’ve learned the difficult way by encompassing myself in different persona to conform to societal norms; I didn’t enjoy my life living like this. When I finally let my barriers down to express myself however I wanted, I felt liberated and joyous. I hope you can live each day with happiness radiating from your soul.