I feel like I am at a vulnerable stage in my life right now. Everything seems like it can crash down at any moment, but I’m so scared to take any action. I wish I were a woman of action, rather than of words. What use do words do if I cannot convince myself to move forward in my life? I keep telling myself it is only a matter of just doing it. But wouldn’t you agree that some of the things  you need to do or want to do require a lot of summoned strength and courage? I’ve been fearing the unknown and have unsuccessfully convinced myself that it (the unknown) will not harm me. At the same time, what use does it do for me to sit at home and watch Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice if it weren’t to benefit me? I’ve had ample time to rest during my winter break… Now that school has started up again, I am overwhelmed by my tight schedule. I’ve gotten so exhausted from my long schedule that I went to bed a quarter to nine one night. Oh, I remember… on a Friday night. LOL Craziness. I need to refill my energy level somehow…

I have an amazing professor for my Successful Personal Finance class. I was afraid he didn’t have any actual personal finance success and was going to just teach what he learned from the book, but it turns out that he is a very, very, very successful man. I still haven’t learned to stop judging by a person’s appearance. Tsk tsk. The three hours in this class is thoroughly enlightening and entertaining. I am going to hang on to every word. I truly need it.

My Vietnamese class is challenging. Vietnamese pronunciation is the hardest language I’ve learned so far. English= good, Spanish= so-so, Korean= so-so, Vietnamese= by far the HARDEST. My throat becomes so sore. Haha This is such a comedic class to be in though. Hearing people attempt to pronounce it correctly makes all of us crack up into laughter. There was this Caucasian man who petitioned for this class but figured it was too difficult so he didn’t come back. I wanted to hear him try his best at it; it would’ve been hilarious each time. Hahaha I’m excited to be able to better communicate with my parents and the people of my culture. My knowledge of my heritage is probably zippity zero. I’ll have tons to learn.

My drama and acting class is going to one that nit and picks at my creative juice. I have absolutely zero creativity in this area, but I’ll try my best to move out of my comfort zone. I’ve spent too long of a period of my life in a shell; I need to break out.

My beginning piano class is going to be easy peasy. I’ve taken this class in high school and am more prepared than some students. (THANKFULLY!!)

I hope to have a fun semester with these classes. They’re pretty much in the art area. This is probably the first semester that I get to immerse myself in classes that will develop my self-awareness.