Dammit. I hate this semester. Hate. Hate. Hate it!

This semester is by far THE worst semester I’ve ever had. These literature classes are making me go absolutely CRAZY. I cannot handle them anymore. I am going to exhilarate pure enthusiasm when I finish the finals. Now I am utterly positive English literature is NOT my forte. I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought I had an inkling of fondness in this area. Wow. I have a ton of essays to write in the next week, a ton of books to finish in the next week, and a ton of cramming to do for my PoliSci class. Gooooodness!!

American Lit- 1 2-3 pg paper, 1 presentation, 1 8-10 pg literary paper

World Lit- 1 7-10 pg literary paper

British Lit- 1 presentation, 1 8 pg research paper

Books to finish: Hard Times, Master Harold… and the boys, Of Love and Other Demons, Stories of Eva Luna, A Personal Matter, Beloved, Giovanni’s Room, and Homebase. Basically, ALL of the books from the second half of the semester. WTF?????????? I did not realize that I was so behind.

Ahh, I need to also review all of the poems and short stories that were covered in the AmLit class.

I’m kind of freaking out. kind of. I am over and beyond have had enough of these classes. I am so miserable!!

Two more weeks. 1 more class meeting per my English classes, and 2 more class meetings for my PoliSci class. Then Finals will destroy my GPA, yet they will set me free.

I am doing absolutely everything to avoid writing my paper and reading my books. -_______-

Yiruma, save me. Encourage me. Motivate me.