I saw Shwayze & Gym Class Heroes perform at UCI’s Bren Center yday!!!! Thank you for the invitation Hang!!! I thoroughly enjoyed GCM’s performance. Shwayze was fun too, but he didn’t arouse me like the former. I feel overjoyed that I saw them in person. Their close presence makes me feel as though I can reach my dream as they have reached theirs. It gives me hope that I will be there. It was a surreal night!! I didn’t ever think I’d cross paths with any… how could I?? I don’t live in LA County!!! Seems as though my standards and expectation for myself are too low. I know that I am surrounded by successful people nearly everyday of my life and they give me the hope that I can be successful as long as I try my best and hardest, but there is this mysterious factor in having met successful celebrities. Their fame I guess– them idolized supastaaaass.

Travis, thank you for preachin’ you motherfuckkkerrrr. I will go to school on my own time and do what I want on my own time. *I’ll raise my glass to yo song*