Semi-night owl

Oh gawd. It’s nearly a quarter past midnight and I’ve yet washed the makeup from my face. The misery in this fact? I have to wake up in, say, 7 hours. 7 hours of sleep is not a sufficient night’s rest. I will be as tired the following morning as though I’ve slept a mere 5. What am I still doing up awake at this hour? Hmmm… how about finding an additional job? I job hunted on craigslist and received a response of the position’s detailed description. Everything sound toooooooooooooo (10x) good to be true. The scheme and scam in that! I asked for the company’s information and she replied with a detailed description of the position I was hoping to fill. Ahhh, the salary and the bonuses were like poisonous sprinkles on a red velvet cupcake. I sent a second e-mail asking directly for the comp’s name & location. I shall receive a response by tomorrow morning.

I found an internship location nearby where I work. It would be an ABSOLUTE treasure to work with them. (It’s an online music label company.) How many opportunities can one person work for a music label??? I feel delighted for the possibility of being an intern there!!! The sweet, plump cherry on the sundae? Being hired to work full-time if the internship goes fabulously. Ahh, I’ve yet received a response. :”( It’s been five days since the posting and I’m sure the positions have been happily and joyfully filled. Gahd, I would prance in fields of daisies for an internship like this. (Hoping, actually, that the salary would be *two thumbs up* as a full-timer!)

One can only imagine. to take me to another place.

Peace&happiness be w/ me.